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Booklet: Learning How to Hear Gods Voice
SKU: *Learning How to Hear Gods Voice

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, "How can I learn how to hear God's voice? How do you hear God speak to you?" I struggled with this problem when I first began to walk closely with God.


Booklet: Overcoming Your Mountains
Every Christian can expect mountains to face, in all of our trials and temptations. Trials are inevitable difficulties in life that God uses to mature us, while temptations come from our human desires. God wants us to resist temptation and pass the test,

Booklet: Protecting Your Fortress
SKU: protectingyourfortress
Whether you want to believe it or not, the hard fact is that we are all involved in a war.

Booklet: Why do I need a Savior?
SKU: whydoineedasavior
The purpose of this booklet is to help you cleanse your life! Many people never seem to think about this, but this is the only way to open yourself up so that the Holy Spirit can flow through you.

Premium Booklet (En Español): Leones Reuientes
SKU: leonesrugientes
En Español: "Sed Sobrios, y velad; porque vuestro adversario el diablo, como leon rugiente, anda alredador buscando a quien devorar; al eual resistid firmes en la fe, sabiendo que los mismos padecimientos se van cumpliendo en vuestros hermanos en todo el

Premium Booklet (En Español): The Verdict
SKU: Verdict.Brown
En Español: Inquiento e sem conseguir dormir, Daniel finalmente levantou e decidiu dar uma volta la fora apesar do frio do inverno. Ao colocar sua jaqueta, ele olhou no relogio e viu que eram quase tres horas da manha. Silenciosamente para que Rebeca nao

Premium Booklet: Autumn in God's Kingdom
SKU: autumningodskingdom
The Lord has given me some relevations in these closing days that encourage me to strive harder to be pleasing to God so that I may be worthy to win the prize He so wants to give us when everything is finished here on earth!

Premium Booklet: Faith That Moves Mountains
SKU: faiththatmovesmountains

Faith is something we struggle with. It comes and goes in our lives. Sometimes we feel strong and feel like we have faith, at other times we feel empty like we have no faith. How can we have "faith that moves mountains?"


Premium Booklet: Glimpses of God, Volume 1
SKU: glimpsesofgodv1

In 1980, God spoke to Rebecca and asked her to enter into a binding covenant with Him, giving Him permission to use her in any way He chose as an instrument directly against Satan and his kingdom.


Premium Booklet: Glimpses of God, Volume 2
SKU: glimpsesofgodv2

This is Volume Two of the popular Glimpses of God written by Rebecca to give an account of some of the unusual experiences God has given her. This book will continue to give you glimpses into the unseen spiritual realm and Heaven.


Premium Booklet: God's Infinite Grace
SKU: godsinfinitegrace
At the center of God's heart for you is his infinite grace. Grace given freely through His Son Jesus Christ.

Premium Booklet: Keys to God's Blessings
SKU: keystogodsblessings
Every ministry will tell you that the most frequently expressed prayer request is for financial help from God. Many times God's own people hinder Him from being able to bless them, not only in finances, but in other ways as well.

Premium Booklet: Roaring Lions
SKU: roaringlions
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8

Premium Booklet: Talebearers - God's Answer to Investigative Reporting
SKU: Talebearers
It was just announced in church on Sunday that a certain person is coming to teach on the following weekend, and everyone was encouraged to attend. You don't know anything about that person, so you go home and the first thing you think to do is get onto t

Premium Booklet: Winning In The Battlefield Of The Mind
SKU: winninginthebattlefieldofthemind
For the first time in print, Rebecca gives you the answer to dealing with anger. So many people lose so much because of anger -- marriages, jobs, and relationships with children and friends, are all destroyed because of our uncontrolled anger. Worst of al

The Spirit Realm
Back in 1979 and 1980 when the Lord first thrust me into heavy spiritual warfare, I was working as a physician, a hard headed scientist. I was having great difficulty understanding and accepting the reality or the invisible spiritual realm.


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