* Premium Booklet Pair: Talebearers - God's Answer to Investigative Reporting & The Verdict

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Talebearers - God's Answer to Investigative Reporting
It was just announced in church on Sunday that a certain person is coming to teach on the following weekend, and everyone was encouraged to attend. You don't know anything about that person, so you go home and the first thing you think to do is get onto the Internet and see what you can find out about theat person and his/her ministry. What are you going to find? Unfortunately much of the information will be what God's word calls "tale-bearing". What God calls tale-bearing, we also call tattling or gossip. Now, it is called investigative reporting. Many ministries have been ser up to do "investigative reporting" about other ministries and ministry leaders.

How does God view this practice? How does ir affect your life? How can you deal with the problem when you are the object of such gossip and web sites?

The Verdict Victory Over End-Times Attacks

This booklet contains a new and powerful weapon of warfare which the Lord taught to Rebecca recently. We have entered into the last few years prior to our Lord's return, and Satan is now attacking God's people with greater power. It is vitally important that all of us learn about these attacks, and how to stand victoriously against them.

The two booklets are essential together. Therefore you get them as a package deal. Give them to your frrends, and especially new believers. This also makes a great Bible study tool.

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