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SKU: Covenants and Blessings by Andrew Murray
Covenants and Blessings Andrew Murray They say promises are made to be broken and, too often, we're quietly cynical about them, even when they come from God. But, His word is true, and He's promised to infuse our lives with His grace and blessing! It
SKU: Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray
Abide in Christ Andrew Murray Here is the key to experiencing the unspeakable joy of dwelling in the innermost presence of the King of Kings. In thirty-one heart-searching and inspirational readings, Andrew Murray brings you into closer communion and
SKU: Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray
"Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray How to walk in perfect peace. ÔŅĹReading this book is like walking through a doorway ÔŅĹ into a deeper Christian maturity and understanding of GodÔŅĹs plan for us.ÔŅĹ "
SKU: Andrew Murray on Prayer
SKU: Andrew Murray on the Holy Spirit
SKU: Blessings of Obedience, The by Andrew Murray
"Blessings of Obedience, The Andrew Murray ""Follow Me"" is the command that we, as Christians, must obey if we wish to enter into a life of blessing and eternal joy. Fortunately, God has graciously provided a way for us to be obedient to His will. In
SKU: Blood of the Cross, The by Andrew Murray
Blood of the Cross, The Andrew Murray We can never know too much about the truths that the blood of Christ proclaims. Andrew Murray uncovers the hidden power of the divine life that abides in us through Christ's blood, and he explains how we can rely
SKU: Daily Experience with God by Andrew Murray
Daily Experience with God Andrew Murray To spend time with God is an unspeakable privilege and pleasure. Best of all, this wonderful blessing can be yours. As you let God's light and love shine on you daily as you pray and read His Word, your life wil
SKU: Deeper Christian Life, The by Andrew Murray
Deeper Christian Life, The Andrew Murray God intends you to have all the blessings of His storehouse, including His free favor, peace in the storms of life, and the power of the Holy Spirit. As your Christian walk is transformed into the happy way of
SKU: Exciting New Life, An by Andrew Murray
Exciting New Life, An Andrew Murray You're a Christian. Now what? Everything changes when Jesus becomes Lord of your life, and you need to get up to speed! Andrew Murray covers all the basics in these easy to understand Bible studies that will help yo
SKU: Experiencing the Holy Spirit by Andrew Murray
Experiencing the Holy Spirit Andrew Murray From the Scriptures, Andrew Murray discusses the importance and power of the Holy Spirit in the Christian's life. Discover the life-changing benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit. As God's divine powe
SKU: Full Life in Christ, by Andrew Murray
SKU: Godís Best Secrets by Andrew Murray
God's Best Secrets Andrew Murray In this devotional, Andrew Murray shares the personal revelation that he gained from spending quiet time alone with God. Discover the secrets of fellowship, prayer, faith, and more as you enter into the wonderful privi
SKU: Godís Plans for You by Andrew Murray
"God's Plans for You Andrew Murray The Joy of Serving God. God has exciting plans for you that will give your life purpose and joy. God's desire is that everyone should find new life and destiny in Him. He has given you specific gifts to accomplish
SKU: Godís Power for Today by Andrew Murray
God's Power for Today Andrew Murray The writings of Andrew Murray have stirred the hearts of millions of Christians. Through this collection of passages from his works, you will find daily spiritual nourishment for the entire year. Each devotion shows
SKU: Healing Secrets, by Andrew Murray
SKU: Holiest of All, The by Andrew Murray
Holiest of All, The Andrew Murray It is only the full and perfect knowledge of what Christ is and does for you that can bring you to a full and perfect Christian life. In this commentary on the book of Hebrews, Andrew Murray explains how you can gain
SKU: How to Strengthen Your Faith by Andrew Murray
How to Strengthen Your Faith Andrew Murray How can you be sure that you have true faith? Andrew Murray covers every possible reason why you might struggle to obtain the full measure of faith that God has for you, and he explains how to increase your f
SKU: 358
Humility In our age of pride in affluence, no message is more needful than this: "Humility is the only soil in which the graces root. Pride must die in you, or nothing of Heaven can live in you. Look not at pride only as an unbecoming attitude, nor at hum
SKU: Humility by Andrew Murray
Humility Andrew Murray Humility is the essence of a glorious, blessed spiritual relationship with God. Few authors have the courage to approach the subject, but Andrew Murray makes the Bible's teaching on humility perfectly clear. He exposes our selfi