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SKU: Blessing or Curse by Derek Prince
"Blessing or Curse by Derek Prince Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, and strained relationship? Or perhaps accidents happen to you or your family with perplexing regularity. Do you wonder why some people seem to get
SKU: Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power by Derek Prince
Derek Prince on Experiencing God's Power Derek Prince Author Derek Prince shows how to receive God's promises regarding healing, fasting, marriage, spiritual warfare, finances, prayer, the Holy Spirit, and much more. In this unique and valuable guide,
SKU: Does Your Tongue Need Healing? by Derek Prince
Does Your Tongue Need Healing? Derek Prince Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Every Christian knows it is imperative to keep the tongue under control but finds that he cannot do so himself. Derek Prince provides clear, biblical steps to d
SKU: Faith to Live By by Derek Prince
Faith to Live By Derek Prince The dynamics, the promises, the power of faith-all are explored in this practical book. Prince answers your questions about faith, such as, What is faith? How, in practical terms, can I live my life in faith? How can my f
SKU: Fasting by Derek Prince
Fasting Derek Prince Fasting is a key to successful Christian living. It is found throughout the Bible, yet it has been largely set aside by the church. Discover how to release the power of prayer and fasting. This power is immeasurable when fasting i
SKU: God's Medicine Bottle by Derek Prince
God's Medicine Bottle Derek Prince Life and health are in the words and sayings of God. Derek Prince shows that the Great Physician has provided all believers with the ultimate prescription for excellent health. As you take the medicine as directed, y
SKU: God's Plan for Your Money by Derek Prince
God's Plan for Your Money Derek Prince God has a plan for all aspects of your life, including your finances. In this book, Derek Prince reveals how to handle your money according to biblical principles so that you may live in God's blessing and abunda
SKU: God's Remedy for Rejection by Derek Prince
God's Remedy for Rejection Derek Prince Rejection is an all too-common experience, but it can cause permanent spiritual wounds. Author Derek Prince shows how rejection is the root of many problems, such as substance abuse, difficulty with relationship
God's Will for Your Life Derek Prince Purpose and Power for Living Do you have a clear objective for your life? Or are you drifting through life, being carried here and there by the winds of habit and fashion, tossed by waves of circumstances over
SKU: Grace of Yielding, The by Derek Prince
"Grace of Yielding, The Derek Prince If God asked you, as He did with Abraham, to sacrifice your ""pride and joy,"" your ""Isaac,"" could you do it? From the Scriptures, Derek Prince shows that God will give back to you abundantly when you are willing
SKU: Holy Spirit in You, The by Derek Prince
Holy Spirit in You, The Derek Prince Derek Prince clearly explains the ways of the Holy Spirit and how He works in the lives of Christians. As you understand and receive the active presence of the Spirit in your life, you will gain new power and grace
SKU: Judging: When? Why? How? by Derek Prince
"Judging: When? Why? How? Derek Prince Some passages of Scripture say, ""Judge,"" while others say, ""Don't judge."" Most Christians aren't sure that they should judge anything-others feel responsible to raise a moral standard, but don't know how much
SKU: Lucifer Exposed by Derek Prince
SKU: Marriage Covenant, The by Derek Prince
"Marriage Covenant, The Derek Prince Derek Prince reveals the secret to a successful marriage, and then goes on to discuss the ""mystery"" of marriage as God established it at creation. True spiritual union is possible between husband and wife when th
SKU: 357
How will Christians discern truth from falsehood as the end times approach? According to Scripture, supernatural signs and wonders will multiply as we approach the end times. God isnít the only one with a plan, howeveróSatan is plotting a scheme to deceiv
SKU: Receiving God's Best by Derek Prince
Receiving God's Best Derek Prince God has designed a plan for you to be not only a fulfilled Christian, but also a fruitful one. Derek Prince has found keys to biblical success that will start you on your journey toward productive Christian living. Di
SKU: Rules of Engagement by Derek Prince
Take your place in Godís plan for the finale of the ages. As a believer, you interact every day with invisible spiritual powers in heavenly places. Hierarchies of angels are engaged in war on a scale that most Christians cannot imagine, and you are bei
SKU: Self-Study Bible Course by Derek Prince
Self-Study Bible Course Derek Prince Even if you have never read the Bible before, you will find this study guide helpful and easy to use. Through this course, you will experience important changes in your life and discover an intimacy with God that y
SKU: Shaping History by Derek Prince
Shaping History Derek Prince Foreword by Lou Engle The times we are living in are scary, to say the least. The world is unstable. Global politics are volatile. The rate of change we now experience is spiraling out of control. We're uncertain about
SKU: Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting by Derek Prince
Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting Derek Prince Christians have altered the course of history and governments by emphasizing biblical methods of prayer and fasting. Learn how you, too, can implement change in your family, church, city, country