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SKU: Finding Peace in Life's Storms by Charles Spurgeon
Finding Peace in Life's Storms Charles H Spurgeon Spurgeon unwraps God's gift of hope, giving us something firm to hold onto in perplexing times. He presents a powerful tool for surviving daily struggles and temptations and maintaining a consistent re
SKU: God Will Bless You by Charles Spurgeon
God Will Bless You Charles H Spurgeon Christ's teaching shows that we can come to Him as we are-in need, in mourning, oppressed, or hungering-and He will bless us. God wants to bless us so much that He has prepared an excellent benefits package for Hi
SKU: God's Gift to You by Charles Spurgeon
God's Gift to You Charles H Spurgeon God gives His children many gifts, including mercy, comfort, healing, encouragement, rest, hope, and increased faith. Discover how you can receive fresh resources for each new day. Out of His never ending supply of
SKU: Grace and Power by Charles Spurgeon
Grace and Power Charles H Spurgeon Do you long to become the person God wants you to be? Do you wish you had more spiritual power? You can experience victory over sin, forgiveness and freedom from guilt, and a positive understanding of your salvation.
SKU: Holy Spirit Power by Charles Spurgeon
"Holy Spirit Power Charles H Spurgeon The miraculous new life of the early Christians amazed the world and turned it ""upside down."" You can experience the same kind of newness and power in your walk with God. The Holy Spirit be an ever present, lovi
SKU: How to Have Real Joy by Charles Spurgeon
How to Have Real Joy Charles H Spurgeon *Life got you down? *Are you laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside? *Do you secretly envy people who are cheerful no matter what? *Are you waiting to enjoy life until your circumstances become per
SKU: Joy in Christ's Presence by Charles Spurgeon
Joy in Christ's Presence Charles H Spurgeon God takes great delight in you, and you can take great delight in Him-more than you've ever known before. In this book, Charles Spurgeon describes the nature of the true fellowship with Christ that you were
SKU: Joy in Your Life by Charles Spurgeon
Joy in Your Life Charles H Spurgeon Has life got you down? Are you feeling overwhelmed? When was the last time you really laughed-or even genuinely smiled? We know that the joy of the Lord is the Christian's strength, but sometimes it seems so illusiv
SKU: Power in Prayer, The
God loves to answer prayer, and Scripture teaches that it is a simple thing to see answered prayer in our own lives. Charles Spurgeon's classic writings tackle the fears and questions that arise as we learn to pray. His time-tested, heavy-hitting teaching
SKU: Power in the Blood
Weakness, injuries, impurities-these are the effects of sin. Cleansing, healing, purifying-these are the effects of sin's cure, which is the blood of Christ. Spurgeon discusses how to be accepted in Christ, receive help when tempted, and much more. You wi
SKU: Power over Satan
Satan wants to blanket the earth in darkness, but Jesus has made His power available so that we can defeat him in our lives. You, too, can defeat the enemy of your soul and experience victory in Jesus' name! Find out how you can employ powerful biblical s
SKU: Prayer
You feel like you don't know how to pray—you can't find the right words, or just can't seem to get God's attention. You will be encouraged by this treasury of devotional expressions from Charles Spurgeon. * His elegant prayers, beautiful in their simpl
SKU: Soul Winner, The
"Real Joy Can Be Yours! When Jesus returned to heaven, He left us with a mission-continue His work of bringing lost souls home to the Father. Charles Spurgeon accepted this mission, and personally escorted thousands of people into the saving knowledge o
SKU: Spiritual Parenting
"Children are just as capable of understanding the Gospel as they are of sinning. Spurgeon offers encouragement and advice to parents and teachers on guiding the spiritual development of children. No more important task exists than to bring up your childr
SKU: Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
Many keys to living a successful Christian life can be found in these practical words by Charles Spurgeon-keys to praying, praising, and warring against Satan. Victory in Christ can be yours as you implement these vital truths. Answered prayers and a deep
SKU: The Key To Holiness by Spurgeon
One result of Christ's offering of Himself on the cross is that we can be regarded through Christ as perfectly holy. What a benefit! Through his teaching on sanctification, Spurgeon reveals how to apply to daily life the many additional benefits of Christ
SKU: When Christ Returns
Christ's Second Coming and judgment that will follow are fascinating subjects to consider in our troubled generation. Discover how you can be prepared to meet God face-to-face, look forward to Christ's return with joy, and be assured of your eternal home