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SKU: Answer, The
In a world full of puzzling problems, it's nice to find a source of practical solutions. Torrey delves into the specifics of what Christianity is all about, and he shows how you can combat the false teachings of others and silence those nagging inner do
SKU: Bible Answer Book, The
Most Frequently Asked Questions In these intriguing pages, R. A. Torrey answers your most baffling questions about the Scriptures. Plus, you'll find practical advice for living an abundant Christian life in these solid, biblically based discussions, inc
SKU: Difficulties in the Bible
Torrey examines some of the difficulties surrounding the Bible, and he explains how we should deal with them when they arise. Each chapter focuses on a different passage of Scripture and provides an illuminating perspective on the biblical text. Torrey wi
SKU: God, the Bible, and You
Christians often encounter perplexing questions about the nature of God. Dr. Torrey supplies solid answers to these and many other difficult questions. His wealth of Bible knowledge will be an inspiration and help to you along your road to an intimate und
SKU: Godís Power in Your Life by R.A. Torrey
"Godís Power in Your Life by R.A. Torrey Our God is powerful. From the parting of the Red Sea to the raising of his very own Son, His strength and might are always shining forth. The question is, Are we letting His power shine forth in our lives?
SKU: How to Bring Them To Christ
Most Christians intensely desire to bring others to the Lord, but somehow we often find ourselves overwhelmed with fear, uncertainty, and rejection in our clumsy attempts to witness. Where do we go from there? Author R. A. Torrey takes you step-by-step fr
SKU: How to Pray
Because prayer is so vital to your faith, it is essential that you comprehend God's methods of hearing and answering prayer. R A Torrey shares spiritual guidelines to prayer learned from years of seeking God and receiving answers. All who put his lessons
SKU: How to Study the Bible
"The Bible contains golden nuggets of truth, and anyone willing to dig for that truth is certain to find it. With its numerous study helps, this easy-to-understand reference tool will help those who wish to study the Bible. Torrey's methods for studying t
SKU: How to Witness to Anyone
Here is a valuable ministry tool that will teach you how to use God's Word to become a successful soul-winner. This easy-to-use handbook quickly points to the Scriptures that answer the questions and settle the doubts of people who have not yet met Christ
SKU: Jesus Is Coming for You
The return of Jesus will be a day of joy, transformation, and reunion for those who have a personal knowledge of Him. R A Torrey provides scriptural answers to questions about the time, manner, and results of His return. Learn how you can be ready for the
SKU: Person & Work of the Holy Spirit, The
The presence of the Holy Spirit is crucial to the believer as well as the unbeliever. Simply put, we need the Holy Spirit to bring us to salvation and then to lead us continually from there. In this in-depth study, Torrey examines the character of the Hol
SKU: Power of Prayer, The
"The Power of Prayer The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. óJames 5:16 NKJV * Experience intimacy with God. * Have immense power in your Christian walk. * Know that your prayers are answered. * Pray with confidence and expect
SKU: Power-Filled Living
Whether you are beginning your walk of faith or have journeyed with the Lord for many years, these clear teachings will show you how to share your faith confidently, experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and satisfy your hunger for more of God. I
SKU: Prayer and Faith
Prayer & Faith is an ANTHOLOGY OF 5 BOOKS BY TORREY: Your Life in God (How to Succeed in the Christian Life) How to Bring Them to Christ The Power of Prayer God, the Bible, and You The Bible Answer Book Put prayer (a petition to God) and faith (be
SKU: What the Bible Teaches
Who is God? Omnipresent. Omnipotent. Eternal. Just. It's easy to recite a list of God's attributes, but what does the Bible mean by them? This book will help you to grasp both what God is like, and how He has revealed Himself in Scripture. It also giv
SKU: Your Life in God
In this ultimate book on success, R. A. Torrey shares principles basic to growth and fulfillment in the Christian life. Whether you are establishing a firm spiritual foundation, resolving perplexing doubts, or seeking strength and courage, the author's co