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What is prayer? Are we really praying when we pray? Do we know the power of prayer?
SKU: Secrets to Spiritual Power, by Watchman Nee
This is a new book out which contains the best of Watchman Nee from many of his previous books. The works by Watchman Nee were of great value to me as I was just learning about spiritual warfare. This book is particularly good because the translation from
SKU: 356
Authority is a tremendous thing in the universe, nothing overshadows it. Godís throne is established on His authority. Godís authority represents God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the authorities of the earth are instituted by God. It
SKU: The Latent Power of the Soul, by Watchman Nee
SKU: The Release of the Spirit, by Watchman Nee
SKU: The Spiritual Man, by Watchman Nee