Daniel Yoder

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* Booklet - Behold I stand at the Door and Knock
SKU: Behold I stand at the Door and Knock

For years I have had people tell me that for some reason or other they seem to keep drifting further away from God. For some reason they do not hear God's voice anymore. Is this you? Is it someone you know who has drifted away from God?


* Booklet - Faith That Moves Mountains
SKU: *Faith That Moves Mountains

Faith is something we struggle with. It comes and goes in our lives. Sometimes we feel strong and feel like we have faith, at other times we feel empty like we have no faith. How can we have "faith that moves mountains?"


* Booklet - God What Am I Doing Here?
SKU: 414
Through our trials and temptations, so often we just simply want to give up and say, "God what am I doing here?" I write this booklet to myself as well as to you. I hope this booklet will show you how to keep plowing through troubled times!

* Booklet - God What Am I Doing Here? and Wait Upon The Lord
SKU: 2 Book Set
2 Book Set: God What Am I Doing Here? and Wait Upon The Lord

* Booklet - God's Infinite Grace
SKU: God's Infinite Grace
At the center of God's heart for you is his infinite grace. Grace given freely through His Son Jesus Christ.

* Booklet - Life's Precious Moments
SKU: 416
I believe there are moments in life God presents to us that are meant to serve a greater purpose than what we understand when we are experiencing them!

* Booklet - Mighty Warriors of Valor
SKU: Mighty Warriors of Valor
A TRUE MIGHTY WARRIOR OF VALOR can be any true Christian who is in the King's Army and is willing to go yet one step farther to see his or her King's needs are taken care of!

* Booklet - Our Struggles with Faith
SKU: Our Struggles with Faith
This booklet will help you identify you struggles with Faith, and how to overcome it!!

* Booklet - Protecting Your Fortress
SKU: Protecting Your Fortress
Whether you want to believe it or not, the hard fact is that we are all involved in a war.

* Booklet - Sitting Beside A Drying Brook
SKU: Sitting By A Drying Brook
Do you feel like you're sitting beside a brook that's drying up? Many people feel this way.

* Booklet - Talebearers - God's Answer to Investigative Reporting
SKU: Talebearers
It was just announced in church on Sunday that a certain person is coming to teach on the following weekend, and everyone was encouraged to attend. You don't know anything about that person, so you go home and the first thing you think to do is get onto t

* Booklet - The Verdict
SKU: Verdict.Brown
The Verdict
Victory Over End-Times Attacks and
A Guide To Cleansing Your Life From Sin

* Booklet - Wait Upon The Lord
SKU: 415
Wait Upon The Lord

* Booklet - When God Says No
SKU: *When God Says No
Unanswered prayer can be, and often is, a crushing experience. As I study the Bible I find many records of prayer that has never been answered, and prayers that were answered with a direct "No."

Standing On The Rock - Brown
SKU: Standing On The Rock - Brown
This is a book that is very pertinent for our time. Our world changed on September 11, 2001. We were attacked on our own soil for the first time in many many years. No longer are we secure within our own shores. Now we are at war. The future is uncertain.

Unbroken Curses by Rebecca Brown
SKU: Unbroken Curses by Rebecca Brown
Unbroken Curses Rebecca Brown / Daniel Yoder Countless Christians are plagued by a variety of unexplained adverse circumstances. Usually they are unaware that their plight is the result of an unbroken curse that has been placed upon them and perhaps