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SKU: Charles Finney on Faith by Charles Finney
Charles Finney on Faith Charles Finney There are people in the world who completely trust God in all things. They have assurance, confidence, joy, and peace. They are our inspiration, our mentors, our role models. We want to be like them, but we don't
SKU: Experiencing Revival by Charles Finney
Experiencing Revival Charles Finney Prepare for Revival! Like hundreds of bubbling underground springs, revivals are waiting to burst forth in churches and communities across the nation. They can either become fountains of life or dry up before they
SKU: Experiencing the Presence of God by Charles Finney
Experiencing the Presence of God Charles Finney Does your heart long to live in God's presence? Do you struggle in maintaining a daily relationship with Him? Learn how to continually be found in the very presence of God as Charles Finney reveals how y
SKU: Living for God, by Charles Finney
True Christianity consists in being like God, by acting on His principles and having His feelings toward everything and everyone around you. One of America's greatest preachers, Finney pinpoints the many roadblocks to personal revival and shows how you c
SKU: Power from God by Charles Finney
Power from God Charles Finney A Fresh Anointing His words seemed to fasten like arrows in the souls of men. They cut like a sword. Like the power of a hammer, they broke down strongholds. Multitudes experienced this power. Often, just a look or a sin
SKU: Power, Passion, and Prayer by Charles Finney
SKU: Spirit-Filled Life, The by Charles Finney
Spirit-Filled Life, The Charles Finney Charles Finney shows you how to be sure of your salvation so that you can enter into its fullness-with all the benefits and blessings of the new life. You can be a Spirit-filled and fruit-bearing Christian, knowi