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SKU: One Thing you can't do in Heaven
Are you ready for Eternity?
SKU: One Heartbeat Away
Your life is a journey that will end - sometime and somewhere. Is that all there is? This life and nothing more? What are we even here for? This book will find the answers to all these questions!
SKU: Ten Questions from the King
Come with me on a fascinating journey through ten of the greatest questions that have ever been asked by die greatest Man who has ever put His feet on planet Earth!
SKU: The Watchmen
You've sought answers for life's biggest questions. You've found and believed the truth. You've loved learning the Bible, and now you're fully equipped for something, but what? Do you have a deep desire to do great things for God?
SKU: Should a Christian be a Mason?
This book will help you find out what Masonry believes, compared to what the Bible says. You must be able to answer this question with confidence and understanding.
SKU: When the Mosque comes to Town
Whether Muslims move into the house next to you, a few blocks over, or begin gathering at their newly built mosque. The question has undoubtedly gone through your mind: What now?
SKU: How I lost my Fear of Death
Are you scared of dying? Lots of people are. Maybe it's because you're not sure what happens after you die. The information may shock and surprise you. But in the end you will find a way to lose your feat of death.
SKU: Who is this Allah?
Volumes has been written about the religion of Islam. Much is also in print about Islam's founder and prophet Muhammed. However, very little is ever uttered about the God of Islam: Allah.
SKU: 416
I believe there are moments in life God presents to us that are meant to serve a greater purpose than what we understand when we are experiencing them!
SKU: 415
Wait Upon The Lord
SKU: 414
Through our trials and temptations, so often we just simply want to give up and say, "God what am I doing here?" I write this booklet to myself as well as to you. I hope this booklet will show you how to keep plowing through troubled times!
SKU: Our Struggles with Faith
This booklet will help you identify you struggles with Faith, and how to overcome it!!
SKU: Autumn in God�s Kingdom
The Lord has given me some relevations in these closing days that encourage me to strive harder to be pleasing to God so that I may be worthy to win the prize He so wants to give us when everything is finished here on earth!
SKU: Mighty Warriors of Valor
A TRUE MIGHTY WARRIOR OF VALOR can be any true Christian who is in the King's Army and is willing to go yet one step farther to see his or her King's needs are taken care of!

We have a total of 22 booklets available. If you purchased each one of these individually, it would cost $130 total.(Excluding Shipping). That's a saving of $50

SKU: Special Book Offer #5 USA ONLY

We have a total of 22 booklets available. If you purchased each one of these individually, it would cost $130 total. (excluding Shipping) That's a saving of $50

SKU: 2 Book Set
2 Book Set: God What Am I Doing Here? and Wait Upon The Lord
SKU: Special Book Set 3
Autumn in God's Kingdom
Mighty Warriors of Valor
Our Struggles with Faith
That's a $4.50 Saving
SKU: Behold I stand at the Door and Knock

For years I have had people tell me that for some reason or other they seem to keep drifting further away from God. For some reason they do not hear God's voice anymore. Is this you? Is it someone you know who has drifted away from God?

SKU: CD Set: Graduate Course in Spiritual Warfare - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER

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